Board Bandages are specially manufactured for surfboard repair.

Wax friendly, water wicking and as sticky as sticky gets.

Simply the best surfboard repair kit out.

Wax Test Bandage

Wax it!

Board Bandages Proprietary Top Sheet (PTS) takes on wax better than your surfboard. So, when you put a crack in the deck stomping that huge air-reverse, you can Bandage it, wax it and get right back to your aerial trickery.

Soak it!

Our PTS is hydrophobic! This means no added drag when applying any of our Bandages. So, when you beach your brand new stick into a rock, slap a Board Bandage on and water will slide right off it like an oil soaked squirrel on a slip n’ slide. Yewwwww!

Water Test Bandage 2


Our adhesive makes sure your Board Bandage goes on and stays on, staying put through extreme heat and cold without slipping or peeling.

Ready to take your board to your shaper? Board Bandages come off without damaging your prized possession. Your shaper will thank you for using such a clean DIY surfboard repair kit.


Each Bandage was thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum durability and

coverage for all kinds of dings, no matter the placement.

We know that wrinkles are no good so we provide a Bandage to suit each situation.

The Butterfly

Designed specifically for rail dings, our butterfly shape is designed to grip the deck and base of your board to ensure a strong hold on the peskiest of dings. Thinned out through the middle to cover only the affected area, leaving no wrinkles.

Butterfly Bandage 2
Circle Bandage

It’s a Circle. Duh.

Got a puncture from a rock? This is your ticket. Get in a gnarly knife fight and use your board for protection? We’ve got you. The circle is the perfect Bandage to take care of punctures. Slap it on. Get back to shredding.

Kneel Diamond.

Sharp where it counts, smooth when it matters. Our Diamond shape maintains a smaller footprint and an angular center to help ensure no wrinkles when covering those tight spaces. Perfect for nose work, tail cracks or near fin repairs. The perfect all around workhorse. Just like your favorite sultry singer.

Diamond Bandage
Utility Bandage

The Big Boy.

Summer’s here… sun’s out, water’s warm, people are ditching their boards in front of you. Catch a fin through your favorite ride? This will do it. With the largest footprint, The Big Boy will take care of those catastrophic events. Maximum coverage, Maximum hold.

Board Bandages